Carpet Pests That Can Damage Your Carpet

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Carpet Pests That Can Damage Your Carpet

Carpets are good floor surfaces to have in your home. They can be used to add décor, warmth, and comfort to your home. However, if they are not cleaned regularly, they can be a hotspot for carpet pests. Some pests love to nest in the layers of your carpet. Many insects and bugs seemingly find the thick fibers an excellent hiding and a safe breeding haven. The fibers supply endless food for pests and their larvae. There are at least three kinds of pests that famous for sneaking into your home, damaging your carpets, or contribute to illnesses.


Silverfish are sleek, teardrop-shaped with brown-grey colored scales. They like carpets because their main food is carbohydrates, specifically starch and dextrin. Starch and dextrin are common in a variety of household materials, including clothing, household dust, and your carpet synthetic fiber. When your carpets start to have holes, it might be a sign of silverfish infestation. Silverfish are normally are active at night, but you can notice them during the day if the infestation is large.

Carpet moths

Carpet moths have brown or beige color, and they like dark, undisturbed areas where they can breed. After laying eggs and breeding, adult moths don’t cause much damage. However, you should watch out for the larvae. A female moth lays 150 to 200 eggs and they hatch within a week. The small caterpillars begin to devour the fiber in your carpet and they start developing holes in your carpet in no time.

Carpet beetles

Carpet beetles don’t eat carpets and fiber, they prefer pollen or nectar from flowers. They lay eggs near your leather furniture or carpets. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae devour on almost anything from carpet fiber to rugs and clothing. Carpet beetles can be seen, but you can’t see their larvae, the only thing you will notice are holes in carpeting. Adult beetles, like carpet moths, prefer dark places to reproduce.

What can you do?

These pests reproduce quickly, so if you notice them in your home, take quick action. The vacuum cleaner will suck the eggs lodged in your carpet fiber. Its good if you consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet and steam clean your flooring. The high temperature used during steam cleaning will kill the eggs or larvae if hatched. Your carpet cleaner may also use pesticides and other methods to remove the infestations, they can also recommend you change your carpet or lifestyle to help make your home pest free. Make sure that pests don’t bother your pets either. Check out All animal websites to find the solution.

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